Botanical Name:

Camellia sasanqua 'Jean May'


Early morning sun or filtered sun to shade, protect from direct sun in hot climates

Height & Habit:

Moderate rate of growth to 10' tall and 6' wide

Color & Form:

Shell pink, double form

Other Information

For Camellia sasanqua varieties, choose a north or east facing exposure to provide shade or early morning sun. Protect from drying winds. Camellia sasanqua varieties can tolerate some early morning sun but can sunburn in summer in the hotttest areas, so protection from direct sun is best. Plant Camellias in well-drained, well-amended soil. Use a Camellia & Azalea type planting mix to improve soil structure and to help acidify alkaline soils. Prune Camellias to shape and control height after bloom, but before July when the next year's bloom begin to set. Use Camellias as hedges, espalliers or screens or train into tree form. Camellias also make great container plants!
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