In fall and winter you’ll find the best selection of Camellia japonica and Camellia sasanqua varieties in our Camellia area.Camellias are divided into two basic groups. Camellia sasanqua varieties begin blooming in the fall. Dark evergreen foliage provides a beautiful backdrop of foliage for the numerous flowers which begin in the fall. These versatile varieties tolerate early morning sun or shade and come in both upright and weeping or spreading forms. Use them for a low hedge, high screen, espallier, border or ground cover. Camellia japonica varieties provide spectacular blooms in winter and early spring. These large upright growing shrubs should be protected from the direct sunlight to avoid scalding by the sun especially in hot climates. Choose from varieties with huge formal, anemone-like or peony-like flower forms. All Camellias make excellent container plants. We also stock unusual Camellia species when available. Below are our most popular varieties.

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