Many California natives and their selections are available for the western landscape. Many of these plants are well adapted to growing in dry hot areas, surviving on rainfall alone once they are established. Nursery grown plants should be watered as needed through their first or second summers to ensure they are well established. Supplemental water can be given during years where we receive little rain. Cut back on watering once plants are established. Some California natives that are indigenous to areas that receive higher rainfall or grow by moist streambeds may require more frequent irrigation.
Most require excellent drainage and will suffer if planted in heavy, wet soils making them good candidates for growing on slopes as soil stabilizers. Many varieties are selected for their exceptional flowering or growth habit. Some California natives are tree-like, like the larger growing Ceanothus varieties, and some are low growing and can be grown as groundcover for slopes and banks. Many produce berries that attract birds and other wildlife.

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